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Just in case the question was obscure, here's an example:
Let's say I have a hacked Feraligatr with Sheer Force.
If I breed it with a Ditto, does it have a chance of passing its Hidden Ability to the baby Totodiles it produces? And if so, are these tradeable?


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Yes and yes.

While the Feraligatr itself is illegitimate, it's offspring will be completely legal Pokémon, able to be traded and transferred. The Feraligatr, however, will not.

There is also a 60% chance of passing his/her Hidden Ability to it's offspring.

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I thouth the chance was still either 60/80 for gen 6 lol
BW2 was 80%but BW was 60.
I think it has reverted to 60%, based on the amount of Leaf Guard Tangela I got when trying to breed a Regenerator :|
Oh .
 When I was breeding for a HA Pichu most were HA apart from like 6 out of 2 ish boxes XD
So. Cool. I have to try this for a Rock Head Tyrantrum.
Sorry to rain on your parade, but if you breed your HA Tyrantrum, the resulting Tyrunt will be illegitimate as well. Why? Because Rock Head Tyrantrum has not been officially released. Sheer Force Feraligatr, however, has. Rock Head Tyrantrum is illegal no matter how you get it, since it is an unreleased ability.
Feraligatr got one? Huh. I never knew.
You mean Sheer Force, BTW. Huge Power'd turn it into a Super-Omega-Azumarill.
Thanks, I edited my comment.
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If you've bred the hacked Pokemon, they won't pass down illegal moves or abilities. This is because moves have to be inherited from the Father primarily, and only level-up moves, valid TMs that both Mother and Father can learn, and Egg moves can be passed down to the baby Pokemon.

Since Sheer Force is the natural Hidden Ability of Feraligatr, passing it onto the offspring is possible. The Pokemon bred will be a completely new Pokemon and will be considered legit however the Feraligatr used for breeding is not legit.

Hope I helped!

Source: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130822173823AAGS3LI

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But Feraligatr's natural HA is Sheer Force. Will it still not be passed down?
You're right, sorry. Just edited it.