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Just interested to know.

I'm gonna post what I think would happen with attacks.

Regular moves (1 hit moves) like Stone Edge and what not will kill it.


Now with Multi-Hit moves.

Shedinja has only 1 HP. Sturdy will protect from a potential knock-out move leaving you at 1 HP.

Take Bullet Seed

1st seed hits!! Normally it would knock Shedinja out, but because of Sturdy, it leaves him with at least 1 HP, which just so happens to be full health. 2nd seed hits!! Process repeats, leaving you again surviving with full health. the process keeps repeating.

Only thing left is all that  Mew :3  said.
Completely right.
hyper beam=no effect
i see what you meaan:)

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It can still be knocked out by Status, weather (sand / hail), recoil, Leech Seed, Destiny Bond, Hazards, Tricking with Black Sludge / Sticky Barb / Life Orb, Aftermath, Iron Barbs, Rough Skin, and Rocky Helmet. If it used Final Gambit on itself, then it would faint. Any Pokemon with Mold Breaker can break through Sturdy.

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Mold Breaker also.
Thanks, trachy.
Forgot about Mold Breaker :3