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Would your system split in half

I'm willing to bet that it would just say "not enough HP to make a substitute" :P

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It says "not enough HP to make a sub" check replay below. N you don't have to hack substitute, shedinja legally gets it.

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Dang, it gets sub naturally. Another case to add to my list of useless moves xD
It also gets Final Gambit.
I'm aware, I think it's listed after Cryogonal's Attract. Or was it Slaking's Solar Beam? Frankly I do not even know anymore.

Js, but Shedinja also gets Bide and Rest. And none of those do a THING xD.
Well, Rest can prevent Burn/Toxic for 2 turns.
Rest cannot be used because either Shedinja is at full health (Rest can't be used) or he's dead.
It also gets Harden, which doesn't do anything because all supereffective attacks do a minimum of 1 damage regardless of defense.