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As of now, Heat Crash only has three variables for user weight, 21.8 lbs/9.9 kg (Tepig) 122.4 lbs/55.4 kg (Pignite) 330.7lbs/150 kg (Emboar).
The calculation of Heat Crash's damage is based on the user's weight and the target's weight.
gamefreak may have already have programmed the game so Heat Crash's variables for the user's weight is the weight for Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar. If so, the calculation would always be:
r = 21.8 lbs/9.9 kg ÷ TargetWeight
r = 122.4 lbs/55.4 kg ÷ TargetWeight
r = 330.7lbs/150 kg ÷ TargetWeight
Did Gamefreak program the games so that Heat Crash would only do damage for the weights of Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar?
If they did, how would Heat Crashe's damage be calculated if it was hacked onto a Pokemon that does not learn Heat Crash?

Damn. Imagine P-Groudon and Heat Crash.
270 to neutral targets. (Boosted by STAB+Desolate Land)
And imagine it against Parasect.
Imagine wurmple. I just blew your mind. It would just die of the fire, though.
Parasect literally has a 5x weakness to fire :P
It has Dry Skin which makes Fire Attacks do 25% more damage, I think
why not paras :v?
Oh yeah there's Paras as well xD
I hear people dissing Shuckle's Damage. Anyone else hear it?

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Simple, It just uses the Pokemon's weight stat. It's not "specially programmed" to Emboar and Pignite and any Pokemon with Heat Crash will use it's own weight, this is because of Pignite's heat crash not needing to be replaced by Emboar's... which means that the coding isn't independent on the user.

Source: Simple observation and experience. (I liked Heat Crash with Emboar :)

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