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If you hacked the ability "Zen Mode" on a Pokemon other than darmanitan would it transform (at half-Under HP) into Zen mode darmanitan?

it would be cool to turn something like a magikarp to a decent fire psychic type.

It would either transform or not work at all. I have two sources from the same website but they're conflicting, and neither one is concrete evidence :L
im pretty sure most pokemon hacking devices/websites have a restriction on the  abilitys that change typing or moreover change form like you cant hack a magikarp to mega evolve into a mega-zard nor make a Zen mode magikarp
You can't participate with it as it's hacked so you get kicked off?! XD

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This Ability only works on Darmanitan, even if it is copied by Entrainment or Trace, or swapped with Skill Swap. Zen Mode cannot be copied by Role Play.

Bulbapedia page for Zen Mode.

In addition, Showdown!'s description for Zen Mode says, "If the user is a Darmanitan, it transforms into Zen Mode at half HP and below."

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