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This may sound like an obvious question, and I am well aware a Pokemon can only have 1 status condition such as being burned, frozen, sleep, paralyzed etc., but there are other status effects as well such as confusion and infatuation.

Just now I tested to see if the status conditions my Servine had would stack.

I was able to have the enemy Pokemon wrapped, leech seeded, and afflicted with toxic.
Those are 3 moves I was able to put on without the message ''....but it doesn't effect X''

If I use something like Spikes or Stealth Rock, that would be 4 damaging moves that can effect the opposing Pokemon all in one turn.

So what are the maximum amount of status ailments I can place on another Pokemon?


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Well, there are a lot:

Main Ailments:
Paralysis-Lowers Speed, 25% to not be able to move at all
Frozen-Freezes opponent, random chance of thawing out (not including moves like scald or fire moves)
Burn-Halves attack
Sleep-Unable to move for 2-3 turns
Poison-Gradually lowers HP, 12% per turn
Badly Poison-Gradually lowers HP, stacks up per turn

Then there are the "minor" statuses"
Confusion-50% chance of hitting itself
Curse(works only w/ ghosts)-cuts 50% of user's health, takes away 25% of Foe's health each turn
Embargo-Pokemon cannot use items, held or trainer used
Encore-Forced to use moves that it previously used for 3 turns
Flinch-Makes Pokemon unable to move during that turn
Heal Block-Pokemon cannot heal itself for 5 turns
Attraction-Pokemon of opposite gender of user cannot move for 50% of the time, can be recieved through Cute Charm or Attract
Nightmare-Loses 25% health each turn, if sleeping
Particially Trapped-Moves like Magma Storm, Sand tomb, warp, etc. that traps you and does 1/16 of health each turn
Perish Song-All Pokemon that hears this will be perished in 3 turns
Taunt-Cannot use set up moves
Torment-Cannot use two moves in a row
Seeding-Leech Seed

To answer your quesiton, there are about 19 status ailmets that are useful. These ailments, like flinches, attraction, paralyzation, and confusion can be very trolly in competitive battling.

Hoped I helped!

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Status_condition