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I'm not quite sure how to describe this, but at certain points in Pokémon Platinum (the game I'm Nuzlockeing), you are paired with a partner for a short amount of time (Cheryl, Riley, Buck, etc.). These people will automatically heal your Pokémon after every battle. This confuses me in Nuzlocke, though.

• In Nuzlocke, a fainted Pokémon cannot be used again.

• Your travelling partner will automatically revive fainted Pokémon.

Do I simply not use the Pokémon that faint, regardless of what the NPC does? Or is this treated as a "mercy point", a sort of mobile Pokémon Center?

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It's simply up to your own discretion. As long as you follow the 3 basic rules (only catch the first Pokemon in each area/ route, if a Pokemon faints it is dead and has to be boxed/ released, and nickname all Pokemon caught), you're allowed to add other rules to your own liking.

You can take it as a mercy point, because your buddies can be pretty useless in battle, so the double battles that you face are really hit & miss (not so much Riley and Marley, but Cheryl and Mira are super useless from my experience).
However, some people will say that it's just tough luck if Cheryl's Chansey decides to miss 5 times in a row with Egg Bomb, and your fainted Pokemon is dead regardless, so the decision is really up to you. In the latter case, you just put the Pokemon that fainted to the back of your party and don't use it, then box/ release it when you reach the next Pokemon centre.

What defeats the purpose of a nuzlocke is inconsistency, e.g. you don't care if your Budew faints/ "dies", but when your Kirlia faints/ "dies" you give it another chance because you happen to want a Gallade.

Decide on your rules from the beginning, and stick to them until the end.

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Its sorta an unspoken rule as the topic hasnt really been touched. Its generally agreed that since the Pokemon still faints its considered dead even after revival by an ally trainer. But again there is no clear rule on the topic so its your call rather to use it or not.

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I would simply say keep track of the fainted Pokemon and don't use them and once you get out of the "double-up" area go to the nearest Pokemon center then release all that fainted.