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So since games like ORAS and XY have the Poke DayCare in the middle or the beginning of the game, does it count as my first encounter if I hatch an egg on a new route? And if I hatch an egg on an old route, does it count against the rules?

Nuzlocke rules vary greatly between the kind of nuzlocke being done and the person doing it. It's up to you at the start of the game to decide what rules to put in place.
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A nuzlocke is a way of playing Pokémon games to make them more challenging. The two basic rules are to catch ONLY the first Pokémon you catch on a route, and to release/permanently box any Pokémon that faint. There are other lesser rules, like the Dupes Clause and No Healing Items, but those two are the core rules.

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This is entirely up to you. You can include your own rule for hatching eggs such as the ones you've listed, or use hatching as the only way to obtain new Pokemon.

For example, you could include/make these rules:

  • Any Pokemon hatched from an egg may be kept if it is hatched on a new route (which has not been used to catch a new Pokemon)
  • If the Pokemon is hatched on an old route it must be released/permanently stored
  • Hatched Pokemon may only be kept if they are hatched in a city/route with no Pokemon
  • You are not allowed to use any type of pokeballs, therefore any new Pokemon must be either given to you or hatched (an optional rule listed on bulbapedia)

These are just a few ideas of hatching rules for a nuzlocke. The true purpose of a Nuzlocke challenge is to provide a new and difficult challenge for the player. Therefore any rules you decide to follow can be used to vary the difficulty of that challenge (such as the acquiring new Pokemon through gifts/hatching only). It is up to you as the nuclocker to select which rules you follow and abide by those rules throughout the game.

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what is nuzlocke??????
https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/280580/how-to-do-a-proper-nuzzlocke This tells you what it is and the rules for it