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So, I'm starting a Nuzlocke for Black 2 and I'm having a hard time getting started. So here's what I know:

  • You can only catch the first Pokèmon you see in the area.

  • You must abandon your starter after catching your first Pokèmon.

And the clauses that I will accept in this Nuzlocke:

  • Gym Clause: After a certain amount of fainted/"dead" Pokèmon (most likely 3 to 5), you can revive Pokèmon.

  • Elite Four Clause: If your Pokèmon faints whilst in battle, you may revive it, but only 2 to 4 times.

  • Pokèmon Team Clause: You may switch out your Pokèmon if they faint to another live Pokèmon in the PC (clause only works after beating all 8 gym leaders)

  • Rival Clause: If your rival heals up your Pokèmon, it is considered still a live Pokèmon.

Any suggestions would be accepted. thanks!

First, all of those clauses make the game too easy, and I've never heard of it. Also, dont abandon your starter after taking it, I dont do that either. If you want a real challenge dont. Also one of the clauses are if you find a shiny pokemon and its not the first you can catch it.
The Gym Clause is only if your ENTIRE team gets KOd. If even one survives, the rest are dead.

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There's really no point in doing a nuzlocke when you even allow reviving Pokemon.

The only exception to that would be with NPC double battle team ups, where the AI is too unpredictable for you to do anything. Realistically though, the only NPCa you team up with in B2W2 are Hugh and Bianca (I think), who are relatively useful compared to the previous generations of NPCs (Cheryl...), so personally I wouldn't even call them exceptions to the rule.

Nuzlockes are supposed to make otherwise incredibly simple and mundane games challenging when replayed. You can beat all the Pokemon games with any combination of Pokemon as long as you spam items/ over train. Pokemon is so formulaic to the extent where if you've played one, you've pretty much played them all. If you're even allowing revives then you might as well play the game through normally; nuzlocke rules are supposed to be harsh on your gameplay, so being lenient is defeating the point.

The rules give an ethical conundrum that does not exist in games otherwise: why are you battling if your animal (pixel) companions die? How can just justify then dying in order for you to become champion?

Common clauses for nuzlockes:

  • Dupe clause: no duplicates can be caught. You can only have a 5 encounter limit to find a unique Pokemon, otherwise you forfeit your catch in that area.
  • Shiny clause: Shiny Pokemon can be caught no matter what.
  • Items clause: no items (apart from Pokeballs) can be used in battle (can extend it to no healing items used at all, only Pokemon centres).
  • Legendary clause: no legendary Pokemon can be used.

As for abandoning your starter, that's not a common thing to do in nuzlcokes. The only case that's usually done is in a wonderlocke, where the chances of you getting a L1 Pokemon from wondertrade are pretty high, meaning you must keep your starter for switch training at the beginning.

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