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You get 1 at the beginning when you first start (during the tutorial).
You also get 1 from participating the Lucario event (now past).
You can get a maximum of 2 jewels from Streetpass (1 for your 1st and 1 for your 100th).
You then get 1 every Mega Pokemon you beat, along with their Megastone.

  1. Mega Audino
  2. Mega Ampharos
  3. Mega Altaria
  4. Mega Lopunny
  5. Mega Kangkaskhan
  6. Mega Sableye
  7. Mega Slowbro
  8. Mega Mawile
  9. Mega Gengar
  10. Mega Glalie
  11. Mega Mewtwo

15 Jewels in total. I'm not sure if you get another Jewel for Mega Lucario if you rank high enough.

I think this is correct; someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

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You also get 1 from Kyogre and other "special" Pokémon.
Do you? I didn't remember getting one from Kyogre, nor Rayquaza. :c
I didn't play Rayquaza, but I do remember Serebii sying you got 1 Jewel the first time you battle Kyogre. I got one.