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I want a porygon-z with really good special attack, so I wanted a porygon with the modest nature and whos characteristic is mischievous. I currently have one who is mild and who is very finicky. Would it be worth it to go through the trouble of finding mirage spots and catching new ones until I get one with the nature and characteristic I want, or is my current one already good? Basically, would it make a difference?

Why not just breed?
I need to find a ditto first, but if the ditto mirage spot comes back first, then yes, i will breed one.

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Well, that would be completely up to you, but I would say


Trying to find a/the perfect Porygon to be a Porygon-Z is defenetly worth it. However, that would take you quite some while, and it's hard trying to find some of these guys.

The Mild Finicky one is good, but a Modest Mischievous is much more powerful and better, depending on how the IVs and EVs are set for them.

(take Astro's advice, breed! But it could take some time, so searching for them is a better option.)

So I would recommend the Modest Mischievous Porygon to be the Porygon-Z, but I might take. While, so happy hunting for one!

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Thanks! I think I'll use my current one for now as a porygon-2 (to save my dubious disc) until the porygon mirage spot comes back and i catch a new one.
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