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In the spirit of rude battling here goes: I need the most viable harvest+Leppa+recycle user. Here they are
Tropius:99/83/87 flying grass
Weaknesses(5): Firex2/Icex4/Poisonx2/Flyx2/Rockx2
Trevenant:85/76/82 ghostgrass
Weaknesses(5): Firex2/Icex2/Flyx2/Ghostx2/Darkx2
Exeggutor:95/85/65 psychic grass (same as Celebi...)
Weaknesses(7): Firex2/Icex2/Poisonx2/Fkyx2/bugx4/Ghostx2/Darkx2/bugx4(thanks Tenebrae)
This will be for wifi battling scrubs and pwning my friends unwittingly...

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exxeguttor has a 4x weakness to bug
Tits thanks whoops
well trevenant can use confuse ray + horn leech
while tropious can use synthesis/roost + giga drain while at it you can be annoying with whirlwind

knowing that all of them have leech seed
Why would you need to use Recycle? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of Harest?
Tits you might be right. I just saw it on the "endless battle clause" thing.

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I'd say use Trevenant as a sub seeder

[email protected] berry/big root
adament nature
252 ATK 252HP 4Sp.Def/128ATK 252HP 132Sp.Def
leech seed

if you use big root use the ability natural cure
big root works with this set a little more because most of the moves are hp draining moves and you can sub on the first turn then seed them then use wil-o-wisp and then you just start breaking them down with horn leach plus wil-o-wisp lowers the targets atk so you can take more of a physical hit if you go with the second ev set you take more of a special hit

Hmm this is pretty good, though it wins battles through actually killing rather than endless leppa Berry shenanigans.,,well, what in your opinion, makes Treveanant better defensively than the other two?