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To be specific it’s for K-exeggutor with it’s HA and I want to make use of it but I don’t know what berry to give him.

What do you want to do with this Exeggutor? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tower, in-game trainers, or something else?
battle tree and link battles
Are you sure you want to use Exeggutor? Why not something with less weaknesses and better moves, like Ferrothorn?
Exeggutor is the only harvest pokemon I have.
Why do you need to use harvest and not some other healing ability, like regenerator?
Because I want a Pokémon with an ability that could be useful for my sunny team ?
Then why not chlorophyll?

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I would say Sitrus Berry. Once you reach half health, it restores HP, which is nice, and Harvest bringing that back is even better.

Most of the Random Battles I've participated in that had an Exeggutor with Harvest used Sitrus Berry, so Smogon also seems to think Sitrus Berry is the best choice.

Hope I helped!

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