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There is a 50% chance of this Pokemon's previously consumed Berry being restored at the end of the turn. If the weather is sunny, Harvest have100% chance.

Why am I asking this? Because 100% accuracy moves can fail and I want to know if Harvest in sunlight can fail with a small percentage.

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#100% accuracy moves can only fail in Generation I.#

In the Generation I games, even moves with a 100% accuracy would miss once in a great while for seemingly no reason whatsoever. This was due to accuracy being internally calculated as a fraction of 256, when the highest internal accuracy a move could possess was 255 (FF in hexadecimal, and the highest value expressible in a single byte), yielding an accuracy of 99.6%. This also applied to secondary effects such as poison or paralysis, but it was resolved in Generation II.

Harvest didn't exist in Generation I, so there is no way Harvest can fail in the sun, and I doubt it would even if 100 accuracy moves could miss.


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Aegislash's Shadow Sneak,
don't have, it was like 3 days ago.
Against? Any special factors in play?
Pokemon Showdown doesnt glitch. If your Shadow Sneak missed there was a reason to it, otherwise 100% accuracy moves CANT miss.
Xerneas, no one had evasion boost or accuary drops..
Two hold  items can lower accuracy .Lax incense and Brightpowder I always use them on pokemon showdown. I love it when an unexpected Earthquake misses my Magnezone.