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Intense Sunlight
>Lowers accuracy of Thunder and Hurricane to 50%.

Compound Eyes
>Compound Eyes raises accuracy by 30% of a move's original accuracy in battles.

Please show your method of working out (at the risk of sounding like a maths teacher).

Wouldn't it be Compound Eyes 30% = 91 acc. 50% of 91 ~ 45,5?

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ok, first I thought it just was 50 X 1.3 = 65%. however, bulbapedias description says

by 30% of a move's original accuracy in battles.

so it only raises the original accuracy, and is therefore always calculated first when checking accuracy. here is bulpapedia's description about thunder/hurricane in "strong sunlight"

Lowers accuracy of Thunder and Hurricane to 50%.

doesn't say anything about the standard or original accuracy here. so the algorithm for thunder's accuracy is actually 70 x 1.3 = 91 and then add sun which makes it 50% regardless
wasn't sure if it was 65% or 50% in the beginning, so I tested it out a few times: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-116867754 http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-116868438 http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-116866944 . the result was very close to 50/50 (11-12) so I believe it actually is 50%

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this question seemed a bit too obvious, so hope i haven't missed something >.<
I thought Compound Eyes effect first :/
i think you have misunderstood something. if you look at intense sunlight's description, it says: "Lowers accuracy of Thunder and Hurricane TO 50%." so not by 50% but to. if compound eyes were calculated first, it would just be 50% which would make the ability pointless
^ See that was what I was thinking. I didn't know if it was 65% or if the accuracy was 50% regardless of the ability.
hmm, im 99% sure comound eyes is affecting the accuracy. however, bulba's description says "by 30% of a move's original accuracy in battles. " although that technically means it will get 50%, I'm pretty sure they mean the "standard accuracy" which becomes 50% after sun. imma testing this with 20 battles or something later on.
ok, my bad guys. i have corrected the mistake now