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How the does Moonlight heal more in the Sun?
What happened here? Was there supposed to be a weather effect called Nightlight or something?
For those that do not know Moonlight heals 1/2 health under no weather and 3/4 health under the sun.

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It's still light.

Moonlight is still light, and the only "light" that occurs as an in battle weather condition is Sun. Rain and Hail both have clouds = no sun. And I somehow doubt you're going to be seeing much light when there's a Sandstorm.
Additionally, the Moon has no light of its own - it reflects the sun's light. So it's still sunlight. Just reflected and at a different time. Technically still works.

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But it still doesn't make any sense.
How does it not make sense?
Ok now it does
This is science. Moon is a reflecting object, like you and me.
Sunlight is "pure" light, it means it's got every colored light into it, explained its white color. Therefore, Moon can only show light if it's receiving light that's got its own color of light, which Sunlight got. Which explains why Moonlight is more efficace in Sun weather.
Now it doesn't make sense that the move is effective without sun in first lieu.