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Isn't moonlight suppose to gain more HP in the dark in the night, not in sunny weather. It's not morning sun!


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According to Smogon, it is 2/3s in sunlight.
serebii says 100% in sunlight.
Bulbapedia says 2/3s in sunlight.

I checked a few other sources and most say 2/3s. The reason why it gains more in sunlight is because the japanese name for this move is "clear sky" so it would make more sense. Granted, moonlight is just light reflected from the sun, and the moon is somewhere in the world at all times, so stronger sunlight=stronger moonlight elsewhere.

Ahh, good elaboration, DT!

I see the connection with the sunlight now, hahaha.
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The amount of HP healed doesn't lower if it's daytime or sunny. The regular HP recovery is 50%, and I think the nighttime recovery is 75%...

It's true that the amount goes up at night, but you may want to double-check the new percentage, because I'm not 100% sure about that one.

EDIT: Just realized that this was only the situation in Gen II, and possibly III. I've REALLY gotta get with these new times... -_-'

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That is what it said in my guidebook, it gains 2/3 HP in sunny weather.
Never look up details in a guidebook of any kind. 70% of the time, they're wrong, and just make up things. Perhaps they meant to say "cloudy Weather."
The pokemon platinum guide has so many mistakes you can hardly beleive any thing. One mistake is that every time it reffers to the move rest, it sais sleep.
And for every super-effective-resistence-berry, it says Fire.