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Except this time it's Moonlight, any difference?

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Moonlight restores the user's current HP based on the weather conditions in the battle. Normal conditions restore ½ total HP, sunny conditions restore ⅔ total HP, and other weather conditions restore ¼ total HP.

Also there is no night weather condition, you are consufing with night-time.
When I said ''day'' in the Morning Sun question, it means Sun from Drought or Sunny Day and not sun from day-time.

Hope this helps.

In Diamond and Pearl there is a night/day system . Thank you
I know, and you were confusing that. The sun is from Sunny Day and not from the day-time. Also you may thinked about that because when you get to Snowpoint City in Gen IV, it is hailing and the battle starts with hail, or in a route that is a sandstorm running.