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Flashback! Wiggling vision Skip to the Bolded line if you want to skip my Flashback

I was going to the Ocean area to collect more Oshawatts (I had already beat he game, so it didn't matter) with my Virizion. As I was beating and collecting the Oshawatts with Sacred Sword and Quick Attack, I noticed that there was a shimmering of light on the Boss Catapult. I freaked out, knowing that this is a legendary Pokemon that will beat my censored word. I jumped on it after getting me another Oshawatt, heart pumping faster than normal.

When I got in, I realized that my Virizion was on low health. I thought that the legendary would be Keldeo, but I was wrong. It was a Kyogre. I freaked out once more, since I've already have a Groudon. I went around it, attacking when it turned, avoiding its every move, bringing it down to half HP.. Then, I miscalculated an attack and it hit me dead on. My Virizion lost it's Wonder Key.

I turned in my randomly powerful Remoraid and used bullet seed. Then the Kyogre murdered my Remoraid in one hit, when it was at full health. I now only had one Wonder Key left.

I then sent out my Zapdos and I started to "Zapdos" other Pokemon around the Kyogre with Discharge. The Kyogre hit me and made the Zapdos wobbly. I freaked out, moving the knob on my 3DS rapidly to take Zapdos out of it, but the Kyogre landed it's final hit and final hit and me and finished the battle, with only a fourth of it's health left.

I went back later (About 29 seconds later, not that I was counting or anything...) And I collected more Oshawatts. I then got to the Boss Catapult. It was shimmering just as it had the last time. I freaked, but I didn't win.

It was a Lugia this time, and It destroyed me with no problem (And the World Rank was at 7!)

End of Flashback

This sparked my curiosity. I was wondering what the chances of the of finding one of the legendary Pokemon.

Please and thank you!


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When you have cleared the game and return to areas, there is a small chance that you will encounter various Legendary Pokémon. When you encounter these Pokémon, you will get into a boss fight and will have to defeat them in order to both proceed and attempt to obtain the Pokémon. You will note the encounters by the fact that the springboard that sends you to the boss room will be shiny. These Pokémon take the place of the boss for that level that time
Most of these appearances are not restricted to certain levels but in fact certain types ofs across all levels. These appearances are very rare, appearing for 5% of the boss battles, and may require numerous visits before it occurs. Some Pokémon have pre-requisites to appear, however all require you to defeat the Dark Rust and finish the story.

Source: Serebii

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So two in a row, is like a 1/20 chance.
I got lucky then.
Thank you!
Two in a row is a 1/400 chance I think