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I was playing around in one of the Hauntyard areas and I used a Normal type move on one of the Ghost types and it did damage.

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Maybe they wanted to make it more balanced and easier to play. The game doesn't pay much attention on type advantages or resistances and is just based on Power to make it more easier to battle and for new Pokemon players to understand. It also helps a lot in my opinion.

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Pokemon Rumble Blast does not take type matchups into account, thus making all attacks normally effective (which includes Normal-type attacks on Ghost-types).

(It never mentions type matchups)

The question is asking "why", so your answer doesn't answer it.
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The main reason is to avoid "impossible" situations, for example if you were in one of the Hauntyard areas and all your Pokemon that could hit the ghosts were KO'd, it'd be a challenge to get though all the ghosts without being KO'd. You'd also have to start over with different Pokemon if the boss is a ghost as well. It's an unlikely situation, yes, but think of it as a good thing. It helps you in the game after all!

It's a similar concept to how they don't let you remove HMs in the main series games; if you removed an HM in a specific location, you'd be stuck given that you don't have a move that can get you out e.g. Teleport, Fly, Dig, etc.