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I'm thinking of running this set on my Tyranitar :

                         Aerial Ace
                         Thunder Punch

but I can't seem to get T-punch from breeding. I've heard that you can get it with 5th gen move tutor. But then can you pass it down as an egg move ?


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You can't breed for it, it only only be taught via move tutor.

You can then pass it down via breeding to another Pokemon that can learn Thunder Punch as an egg move but you can't pass it down to a Larvitar via breeding.

Tutor is the only way sorry.

Oh... So I guess there's no other way. Thanks anyway.
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Since you want a tyranitar with thunder punch, your only reliable change is from move tutoring him.
Thunder Punch is the physical move - and a pretty strong one. Since this might be too much trouble, you can make it remember a move similar - by paying a heart scale. Thunder Fang is the closest move since it provides the physical part of it - but it has 5 less accuracy and 10 less base power (stinks).
You could've went with thunderbolt/thunder - but it's a good choice you didn't seeing that he's more physical than special.

Instead on electric, you can choose fighting or rock (brick break and stone edge - respectfully). Electric has 2 super and 3 non effective.
Fighting has 5 and 5 effective.
Rock has 4 and 3 effective.
(Suggestions - don't have too take it)

Hope I helped! :)