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In several recent Tyranitar sets, it includes the move Ice Beam. Why is Ice Beam chosen over Ice Punch? I know that base 95 Sp. Attack isn't too shabby, but it's nothing compared to his base 134 Attack. The one thing that came to my mind when I saw this was hitting Skarmory, but Skarm doesn't exactly quiver in fear of an Ice Beam either. What is the exact reasonf or running Ice Beam > Ice Punch on Tyranitar?


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Many reasons

Reason #1: Will-O-Wisp. Don't wanna be completely shut down by it would you?
Reason #2: For those physical walls that think they can wall Tyranitar and his monstrous base 134 atk, fear not because Ice Beam is here!
Reason #3:To surprise the opponent. Nobody would expect either but most people would expect Ice Punch with base 134 and send in a physical wall.
Reason #4: As you said, 95 base sp.atk isn't too shabby so it is usable and more powerful.

I'll edit in more IF I find any.
Hope this helps!
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