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Unlike other major status conditions, Freeze status can only be caused by Pokémon moves (rather than by abilities or items), with those moves rarely causing it. Currently no moves have Freeze as a primary effect.

So it's not just you. There are no moves like Thunder Wave (Paralysis), Will-O-Wisp (Burn), or Sleep Powder (Sleep) that can cause this ailment. Therefore you are resorted to using moves that have a chance of Freezing, such as Ice Beam, Ice Fang, Powder Snow, and Secret Powder.
With Secret Power having the higher chance.

So no, it's not you.

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It is, actually. Other status conditions have things it doesn't.

Will O Wisp = Burn
Toxic = Poison
Thunder Wave = Paralysis
Spore = Sleep
Confuse Ray = Confusion
None = Freeze

Most statuses have a move that activates the status. Meanwhile, freezing doesn't. The highest percent chance of getting freeze is with Secret Power. It has to be in snow/ice areas, though. It's a 30% chance. Believe me, we all think this from time to time. Hope I helped!

They need to make a freeze inducing move.