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Considering how long Ive been playing I should really know this - But how are they calculated and what are they based off? Is it some kind of calculation to do with the minimal/maximum stats?

What are base stats..?


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Base stats are one of the major influences on what a Pokemon stats will be like. Base stats themselves are not determined by anything - the values are chosen by the developers - but they do play a major role in finding that the actual stat will be.

Basically, the Pokemon's base stat value for the stat in question should be put in place of "base" in the following formulas:

enter link description here
enter image description here

As you can see in the formula, the base stat number is multiplied numerous times and also divided along with a few more factors in the Pokemon's stats, so base stats make quite a big difference. Any variation in numbers has a large effect.


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Base Stats are a Pokemon's Base Stats. Without influence either way (Beneficial Nature, Unbeneficial nature, IV's, or EV's) a Pokemon's base stat will be it's stat at level 100. The stats grow at 1 or 2 points per level. Natures can be found here ---> Pokemon Natures. Natures effect a Pokemon's stats +10% to one stat, -10% to another. Of course there are EVs and IVs but that's for another question.

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Base stats are the stats for each Pokemon that are the basis of the final stat count.

Each Pokemon has a base stat that doesn't change e.g. the base stats for a Charmander (or any other Pokemon) are always the same and will be the same for ANY Charmander.

On top of base stats are then IVs, EVs & Nature, all of these together will give your Pokemon it's stats.

So any Pokemon of the same species with the same IVs, EVs & Nature and at the same level will have the same final stats total.

Short answer: They are pre-programmed stats for your Pokemon based on species.