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In XY.


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No. The Battle Maison does not give experience at all so the Exp. Share would be useless.

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Aw, shoot. I battled a bunch of people hoping it would level up my low-level Pokemon :(
try the retraunts in lumiose city.
They have good pokemon?
Not really, but Le wow rotation battles are an easy way to level up pokes and earn money. Ive gotten lvl 1 pokes to level 30 in 1 run of it
Poke I have the X/Y guidebook, and according to it the best ways to level up pokemon are as followed:
Switch out the pokemon as soon as the battle begins
Revive the pokemon(if it fainted) before the battle ends
Trade it with someone to train it for you
Use the Exp. Point O-Power
Hold off evolving it
Play with your pokemon often in Pokemon-Amie.
That is all the guidebook says about leveling up weak pokemon. Good luck!
Thx :)
Your very welcome ;)