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50 streaking is proving a little... frustrating. Wondering if the game will allow me to cheat a little. Say I've saved the game with a streak of 20 wins logged. If I reset before I lose a match, can I restart from 20 instead of from the beginning? I figure I really should know the answer to this by now, but I'll ask anyway.

Side note: Is there a risk of save file corruption due to abusing this method?

pretty sure that you can quickly reset the game before the lady automatically saves it after your loss.
Oh thank Arceus :)
There shouldn't be a risk of corruption, I do it all the time on Fire Emblem, just L + R + Start/Select. But doesn't the lady say something like "you didn't save before you went out of the game" (as resetting the game technically counts as exiting it) "so we had to restart your streak". I don't know, but I seem to remember doing it once because I had around a 25 streak and lost, so I reset but the lady said that.

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Afraid not. As soon as you start, a save file is created, telling the Maison you had an unfinished battle. If you reset in any way and start on that file, your win streak will reset. Only saving after a win keeps your streak going

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