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I caught Raikou in ORAS on my second try (he Struggled to death on the first) and I took him to the IV judge. He has perfect Speed, Sp. Attack and Defence. However, he has poor Sp. Defence. Should I keep him as he is, since I have most of the IVs I want, or keep trying to get that Sp. Defence IV? (He's going to be using Assault Vest.)

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I'd suggest actually figuring out what that SDef IV actually is before soft resetting. Just because it's not listed as a max IV, doesn't necessarily mean it'll be low. It might be 20+ IV for all you know. If you figure out that the IV is low, then it's recommended to soft reset some more, only because it's an Assault Ves Raikou, any other variants don't need that IV except for SubCM.

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The IV judge said that it had bad SDef. Should I keep up the SR?
Yeah it'd be best to.