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So I tried soft resetting for a winning lottery ticket in ruby and sapphire but I would always get the same number. I then tried doing the same thing but in my emerald version and what do you know, a different number every soft reset... My question is why? Why does this only work in emerald?

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probably because of the berry glitch. does the game say the battery has run dry when you open it?
If the kitten person is just soft-resetting, I don't think any days are passing between soft resets. So the battery and berry glitch likely have nothing to do with this.
yeah i thought about that after i posted it. pretty sure they changed it in pokemon emerald so that you could do that
So you could do what?
soft reset for a new number
Just found out that if I boot up the game and it's a new day it will always be a different number after every soft reset, but if i boot up the game, walk around for a bit and then save and reset the game. The number will then be the same each time until the next day... Weird.

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I actually managed to find the reason why this happened. Whenever you boot up the game and it's a new day, go to the lottery, get a lotto ticket number, soft reset. It will always be different as long as you do not save the game. This means that if you saved the game in front of the lady that gives you the number the day before, you can just keep soft resetting until you win! This works for Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald!

I wonder if the daily mirage island number works the same way...

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