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While I started Pokemon White 2 I saved the game before talking to Biancia.
I reset the Game for almost a 20 times and every time I got Rash Nature Oshawott.

Why is it so?
Are the nature fixed even after soft resetting the Game?

Pls answer these question and Suggest the best way to get the desired Nature in any Pokemon Game.

Thanks in Advance.

The starter natures are just random. The rngods must hate you to have given you the same nature every time. Couldn't find anything that says theyre natured locked

To get the desired nature you want, the best way is by breeding. You can ask online for a ditto that has perfect ivs with the nature you want and breed with that. If you're too lazy to do that then the best way is with synchronize. If a mon with that ability is in the lead slot theres a fifty percetn chance for the wild encounter to be the same nature as it
@sumwun this is B2W2.
I think most of those articles should work for all gen 5 games.
The intro is very different

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You are either running an emulator or the RNG just hates you. The natures for the starter Pokemon are not predetermined or locked.

As a matter of fact, I started a W2 playthrough a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to use Snivy. I soft reset for a good nature, because Snivy isnt that great. I got different natures every time.

The best way to get the nature you want for this Pokemon is just to soft reset for it. There's no other way to obtain another Unova starter until after you beat the game, (the Daycare is post game, which is so ridiculous.)

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