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I saved before Xurkitree.
1.I click A to start the battle
2.Not shiny
3.I press start/select (I use a rubber band to hold down L and R)
4.I go through the dusk mane necrozma thing and press a to continue

I just close my 3DS if I am going to come back to it soon and I press home menu, close the game, and press the power button to turn the 3DS off.
Am I doing it all correctly?

What are you resetting for?
I would assume for a shiny because he says not shiny.
Yes, shiny. I forgot to add that

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Yes, it looks to me as you are doing it right. I hope you have a pokémon with Hypnosis or Thunder Wave!
Source: Experience.

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Cool! I have synchronize modest Umbreon, false swipe decidueye, and hypnosis xurkitree
Got my shiny! You were right
Good!  Glad to help!