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Hey, this is my first question on this site and the question is: I have been resetting for a shiny Rowlet for 6 days. I deleted the old save file, which I resetted on for 3 to 4 days. I deleted it because I thought that I would've more luck on the new one. So I've been resetting 2 days on the new one and I resetted 220 times. My question is, how long do I need? I mean, yes it's only luck but I dont want to lose my fun on the game. How long did you guys need? Sorry for bad grammar, I am a German boy. Thanks for answers.

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This results in a probability of 16/65536 or 1/4096

On average, you'll need to soft reset 4096 times to get a shiny Rowlet.

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Took me 1442 resets- took 2 weeks!

Oh my f**k

Like i commented below, i got my shiny rowlet in sun in 1 day, whats up with usum