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Would this Gothorita set work for item farming?:
Ability: frisk
Dark pulse


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The only moves that I can see that will be useful is his ability (Frisk) and his 4th move "Theif". By using frisk, you can steel a opponents item and keep it (once your not in battle). So, you have a great person for item farming. Though, you would have to do a lot of encountering to see who has items. A good person to choose to encounter is Cloyster (in X and Y's friend safari - for money) or other bug Pokemon who have honey - just for the item.

If you want to increase your item farming skill, keep a Pokemon in your party that knows "Pickup". Therefore, when your just walking around looking for these Pokemon, your Pickup Pokemon would be searching too. Some Pokemon that can learn this are meowth, aipom, phanpy, or linoone.
Check more: http://pokemondb.net/ability/pickup

P.S. - if you want, try to get a faster Pokemon with Theif and Frisk such as Gourgeist. Therefore, you can collect items faster without being knocked out. Overall, good strategy.

Hope I helped! :)

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I actually have pickup linoone on me at all time as an Hm slave so yeah!!
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This would work but I think Compound Eyes Thief Butterfree is better.

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