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They get boosts in the rain, so it would make sense if they did underwater as well.


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Underwater does not give any boost to water Pokemon.
It would be sorta unfair if it did as Theres no way to change It from underwater unlike rain.

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This is incorrect.
I think she meant in battle
She meant in battle
OOOHHHH. Then yes Tenebrae is correct. Sorry! However, she never said anything about battling.
The key word was 'in the rain' water pokemon get stat boosts when the weather is rainy
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Actually, some Pokemon do get boosts when surfing. Only two Pokemon get this glory. Kyogre and Sharpedo. Kyogre moves faster than normal Pokemon (I believe 1.5 times faster) when surfing, and has a larger hitbox when going underwater. Basically, he is larger. Sharpedo moves twice as fast than normal Pokemon, but you can't fish when riding him. Hope I helped!


Wasnt what i was looking for, but good info so +1 :)