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You cant
Gastly doesnt get Substitute as an egg move. He learns it via TM90.

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im playing platinum and  i think if the father knows any TM or HM moves that the baby is also compatible with, it will inherit the move
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Gastly actually learns substitute via TM, so breeding for it is useless. However, if you really want to know…

Breed gastly and gastly, both knowing substitute (from TM), then the gastly from the egg should know substitute. I'm not an expert in breeding, so if anyone notices this is incorrect, please inform me and I'll change me answer. Hope I helped!

[Gastly Page][1]

Scroll down for the tms.
[1]: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/gastly

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currently im playing platinum and the tm in there is not reusable so thats that