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I was doing some stuff I hadn't finished in White 2, and while I was at it, I bred a wobbuffet holding lax incense and a ditto. I took the egg and put it in the PC so I would have room to pick up the wobbuffet in the daycare. When I talked to the lady at the desk she said "Oh, there you are! My husband was looking for you." I swear that twelve steps couldn't get me another egg right after I just got one. Does this mean it had twins? This has never happened to me before..

Officially, it's every 256 steps that the game checks for an egg but as an IV breeder I hatch a lot of eggs and a few times, I'll receive the egg, go and talk to the day care lady and she'll say the same as she said to you. I caught mine on camera and posted it to forums, either nobody had an answer or they just called it fake, so I dunno but I've experienced it too.
I think I have seen this before, I talk to the day-care man I go into the building to get my Pokemon and the lady says that the man has an egg...
this has happened quite often to me while breeding and on various games too.  emerald/white/white2/y/or

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This has happened to me before in White 2. I got 2 Swinubs.
> I think it is just a random glitch that occurs sometimes.

It has only occurred that one time though for me.

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That should not be possible, as an egg can only be generated after every 256 steps. Perhaps you took those 256 steps without noticing, or something's up with your game.


Is that every 256 steps while the man does not already possess an egg or does it comtinue counting even if he has one currently? If the latter, then it should be possible that the first egg appeared, the player took 244 steps to go and retrieve the egg, then took 12 more steps, reached 256 steps and a second egg appeared.