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Ash's pikachu is male but what about the rest of his team, was it revealed?

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Only Frogadier is reveled in English dub.It is male.But for others nope.

Source 1(Ash's Frogadier)
Source 2(Ash's Goodra)
Source 3(Ash's Fletchinder)
Source 4(Ash's Hawlucha)

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ash frogadier is male
Yes, it is.
i said it.
if that true why no one
confirm that in
put your mouse on  the ? near unknown in gender section and wait for few seconds,
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Greninja is revealed to be male in the English Dub only. Hawlucha and Noivern are confirmed to be male. As for Talonflame and Goodra it is not confirmed about their genders.

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