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My opponent might have an Electivire on his bench and therefore HE can get the added attack bonus, but do I get the bonus as well even if I don't have an Electivire on my bench?

This is regarding Magmortar's attack, Twin Bursts.


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Card questions are uncommon.
I know the answer but there isn't a reliable source. I'll try to answer it if I find any sort of info on this.
Wait, what does Gengar have to do with this?
i  agree sapph  what does gengar have to do with anything?
I would edit gengar out...
"When using M Gengar..."
M Gengar doesnt help magmortar.

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No, you can't . The card says : if Electivire is on your bench, this attack does 80 more damage. It doesn't say : If an Electivire is in in play, or if an Electivire is on the opponents bench, then too you get the damage

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Finally an answer!