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I found Pokémon Shuffle boring and pointless.
It could have been so much better but it wasn't. Is Rumble World the same repetitive game or should I download it?

Well, it's free right? If you dont like it you can delete it, seeing as its free
I know but I'm really asking if the game is any good or if it's just as dull as Shuffle

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In my opinion, yes.
I am completely with you on Pokemon Shuffle, I find it somewhat boring and frustrating. But with Pokemon Rumble World, I have been addicted to "catching them all" ever since I downloaded it. Plus, after you collect the first 11 species of Pokemon, you always have something to do regardless of the situation. You have many fun things to do, and the Pokemon all get awesome looks way better than the flat Pokemon from Shuffle. I believe if you download Pokemon Rumble World you will enjoy it.

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Thanks I might do it now. Didn't realise that you could do things without waiting like a whole day
No problem. That's why I like it more than Pokemon Shuffle.