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How come they never update Rumble? Thanks in advanced.

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They don't have time to have updates for every single pokemon game, especially side games.
But all they needed was one region and Volcanion, how come they didn't do it? They could of at least added Volcanion to complete Kalos.
Because they didn't want too. It's just about money. They didn't think a DLC would give them enough money or good PR for it to be worth the cost/time. It's really that simple.
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I would pay $5.00 for just Volcanion DLC.
yeah but alola was released 1 years later. ssb got bayonetta and corrin dlc 2 years later in what year? 2016! the same year alola was made so its not that it was too late
After 2 years Smash Got DLC!?

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Not every single Pokemon game, especially additional side games, will have new and updated DLC. It just wouldn't make sense cost and effort-wise to implement 80 new Pokemon from the 7th Gen along with Volcanion (Considering the game was released on April 8th, 2015).

I hope this answers your question.

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Also because the Switch is out and Updating Rumble World would be like adding Gen5 Pokémon to Diamond/Pearl.
This helps, a little.