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Since traded pokémon gain more Exp. Points than the pokémon you caught, so I thought that traded Eggs hatch faster than the eggs you obtain at the Daycare Center.


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I think no.

I can't find anything about this on Bulbapedia, and I also found out that when a traded egg hatches, it does not gain boosted Exp. Points. So, since it will not gain more Exp. Points when hatched, I would suppose that it will not gain a boost when an egg either.
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Other source (a bit outdated but the info is the same)

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No, they don't.
Traded eggs take the same amount of steps to hatch as eggs you got yourself.
If you are trying to be lazy, have the person who is giving you the egg to hatch it before it is traded.
If you are trying to hatch eggs faster, combine Flame Body and a Hatching Power Lv. 3 together, get on your bike, and ride around the Pokemon world.
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