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I don't know if I should use...
or Lapras
In my Soulsilver game!

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I think Gyarados is the best choice. Here's why:
1. He has the highest base stat total, and a much better arrangement than poliwrath and lapras.
2. Gyarados has high attack and sp. defense. This is good because gyarados can learn a lot of good physical moves. Plus, his weaknesses are electric and rock. There are more special electric type moves than physical. But, rock is the problem. Gyarados can learn plenty of good water type moves to counteract with them.
3. Poliwrath and Lapras are not as much fighters compared to gyarados. They can be good for attackers, but they seem more like Pokemon to have to cover your HM coverage. But, gyarados can learn each of their HM's too.

I think Gyarados would be a much better choice of the bat. But, I could be wrong since I don't know the rest of your team.

You Choice! Hope I helped! :)

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Thanks Blaze2664 you really helped me out but I'm going to choose Lapras over Gyrados because when I'm up to the elite four I'm gonna need an ice type for Lance and the 8th gym. Thanks again Blaze, your answer was great but I'm gonna go against you, sorry.
No Prob. Glad to help!
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Gyrados all the way. Not only does he have higher stats and is a better fighter he's so much easier to obtain. For lapras you have to catch a another water type and teach him surf. For poliwrath not only do you have to obtain a water stone and poliwraths one of those Pokemon who don't learn new moves after evolving. Gyrados he's just go go go.
So trust me I know from experience gyrados is better. Hope I helped.

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I used a red gyrodoes but lapras is also a very good choice for one lapras has water absorb and water type just make it stronger and it has water and ice typing and there are some really good moves it can learn a good move set for lapras is ice beam hydro pump blizzard and waterfall wit the never melt ice as an item you have very powerful Pokemon