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My moveset is
Precipice blades
Brick break
Adamant nature
With max attack and hp evs


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Fire Punch is P-Groudon's most reliable physical Fire STAB.

Fire Punch is really Groudon's only option. It's mediocre base power is remedied by STAB, Groudon's sky-high attack and Desolate Land boost. If Primal Groudon had access to, say, Flare Blitz, he would be Uber-scary. But for now, he only has Fire Punch.

Alternate STAB incoming!

It's not unheard of to run Mixed Groudon with Overheat. Even with minimal Sp. Attack investment, Desolate Land and STAB make it still a really hard-hitting attack.

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So desolate land gives 2x bonus to fire moves?
Desolate Land is  technically Sun, which does indeed buff Fire attacks.
Does it? Didn't know that.  Thanks
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I think Fire Punch would be a good move for two reasons: STAB and a high attack fire move - since P-Groudon majors in attack. This would be a really good move.
The only con I can see, is that fire punch's purpose drops from 4 Super-effective to 2. But, I don't see the purpose of having another ground move in your move set. Precipice Blades already deals the same effect (with higher damage), but with less accuracy. The only extra things that Earthquake provides is more PP, accuracy, and being able to hit your allies.
My suggestions would to get maybe solar beam in replace so it can deal 3 more super effective than normal. Normally, your move set is super effective against 11 different types, than the opposing 9. But, you don't have to take my suggestions.

Hope I helped! :)

Yeah, thanks for your suggestions, but can you tell me how it drops from 4x to 2x?
What I mean is, fire is a great type and can kill 4 types: Grass, Ice, Bug, and Steel. Giving your groundon a fighting/ground type move takes away fire's super-effective against Ice and Steel. Now, its purpose is only more PP, and the ability to defeat Grass and Bug types (2 super effective)
Ah, but the STAB,and Also I can hit Kyogre