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I am soft resetting for a Shiny Chespin, so I have my grass type, I am fishing for a Magikarp, so that will be my Water type, but I'd like to have a Fire type on my team. I want it fairly early on in the game, and I want it to be useful throughout the whole game. I am not opposed to fire types from other regions (Torchic, Darumaka, Etc.) or even just from X (Houndour). But I'd like to avoid Charizard, since he is far from my favorite fire type or even Pokemon in general.

So far I have narrowed it down to either Cyndaquil or Fletchling. If I could get some logic for choosing between the two, that would be great. My team so far consists of Chesnaught, Gyrados, Sylveon, Ampharos/Raichu (Can't decide), and Golurk (If I don't end up using Fletchling) If you could help me decide down below, that would be a great help. Thanks!

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litleo is good
why gyarados try somti better
I use Gyrados because he gets good moves like Waterfall, Crunch, Earthquake, etc. I've used him in Blue, Crystal, Soul Silver, and Y in the past and he's been legendary.

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The most recent fire type you can get is Litleo.
Even though I've never used him, when he evolves he'll be pretty powerful by taking down Viola, Ramos, Wulfric, and Wikstrom with just flamethrower. Plus you can get him very early in the game, right before the first gym!

Hope I helped!

Could also catch a Fletchling. It evolves into a fire type at lv17.
Thank you for the suggestion! However, I've never expressed interest in Pyroar, since I don't like its type, design, or even stats. If you'd do me a favor and look at the update to my question, could you help me pick between Typhlosion and Talonflame? Thanks!
Typhlosion is statistically better, but Talonflame will have immunity to Ground types. That's a choice you're gonna have to make for yourself. :P