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I am a player of ORAS and I need a Fire type, please recommend one. My team is:

Swampert (Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Hammer Arm)
Manectric (Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Flamethrower, Ice Fang)
Aggron (Stone Edge, Earthquake, Flash Cannon, Double-Edge)
Gallade (Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Leaf Blade)
Gardevoir (Moonblast, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast)

This is my current team, which Fire type should I add now? If any Pokemon seem useless also recommend replacements for them.

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Camerupt is the most readily available Fire type outside of Blaziken, so you should use that. While it is slow, it has a solid Ability in Solid Rock (haha get it) , and gets good moves like Earthquake, Lava Plume, Earth Power, Strength, and Flash Cannon. The only other accessible Fire type is Magcargo, which is pretty bad. You already have a Ground type in Swampert, but they don't share any weaknesses, so you'll be just fine.

Camerupt @ anything
Ability: Solid Rock:
- Earthquake / Earth Power
- Lava Plume / Flamethrower
- Flash Cannon
- Return / anything else

Hope I helped!

I think Ninetales is better. You can catch a Vulpix in Mt. Pyre.
I personally think Mt. Pyre comes far too late in the game to be worth considering, as it would take a rather inordinate amount of time to grind to the rest of your team.
The reason of why Ninetales is better is because it can learn Nasty Plot and lots of good Special moves (Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Energy Ball etc.) and Ninetales is faster than Camerupt.
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Camerupt is the best option if you didn't choose Blaziken. It's bulkier and it hits harder than any of the other wild Fire types, and has a great move pool.

I'd also recommend getting rid of Gallade and replacing it with a Breloom, as Breloom keeps the Fighting type, ditches the duplicate Psychic type (you don't need two), and gives you a much-needed Water resist.

I'd recommend getting rid of Flash Cannon on Aggron, too, as it is special, and Aggron's special attack is bad in comparison to its physical attack. It could be replaced by either Iron Head or Iron Tail.

An ideal move set for Camerupt might be:

Modest nature
- Lava Plume / Flamethrower
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge / Rock Slide
- Swagger / Curse

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