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Charizard "prince charlce"-good pokemon a pokemon that can handle the job and do it right

blazeiken - good pokemon but can it handle the job

camrupt-strong good relible pokemon

Could you put the movesets please? That would make it easier to make a decision.
Isnt your favorite pokemon charizard. so its obvious for you to pick charizard
I know barry but I need the best for my team which probebly id charizard
If you don’t have blaziken as your starter, then torkoal is a good option

Torkaol moveset: curse, body slam, flamethrower, fire spin

Curse is for setting up sweeps, body slam is coverage, fire spin can whittle down an opponents hp so you can easily kill it, and flamethrower is powerful stab.

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Id have To Go Blaziken Actually. In Game, Blazikens Best against the E-4, and Gyms. Tho Zard Is an Overall Better pokemon.

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I agree. Blazikens fast, strong, and reliable.
Man this thing... Asked by Charizard and answered by Swampert? Is mystery dungeon now in real life? Lol
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Whichever you want. You can train them to be as good as you want.

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I would probably go with Camerupt because it is reliable, and because it will be more challenging throughout the game.