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Charizard "prince charlce"-good pokemon a pokemon that can handle the job and do it right

blazeiken - good pokemon but can it handle the job

camrupt-strong good relible pokemon

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Could you put the movesets please? That would make it easier to make a decision.
Isnt your favorite pokemon charizard. so its obvious for you to pick charizard
I know barry but I need the best for my team which probebly id charizard

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Id have To Go Blaziken Actually. In Game, Blazikens Best against the E-4, and Gyms. Tho Zard Is an Overall Better pokemon.

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I agree. Blazikens fast, strong, and reliable.
Man this thing... Asked by Charizard and answered by Swampert? Is mystery dungeon now in real life? Lol
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Whichever you want. You can train them to be as good as you want.

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I would probably go with Camerupt because it is reliable, and because it will be more challenging throughout the game.

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