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The answers were great last time. Now we are on to Fire types. With such powerful moves, they just destroy their foe without a care in the world with attacks like Fire Blast and Overheat that would be risky on anything but a Fire type.

Base your answers on stats, dual or non-dual typing, moves able to be learned, and ability (no personnal opinion please.)

Please explain each of these with plenty of detail. Anybody who doesn't do one of these things, I ask all site members to vote them down. I will choose the Best Answer not on what I think is the best and someone agrees with me (Charizard), but with if the answer is the most convincing.

For an example answer (not for Fire types, just for how I would want the answers, although you can add more detail or use a different layout if you want) go to: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/8764/pokemaster-can-i-ask-these-questions

Also, no legendaries please and also, please give a definite answer, no multiple Pokemon. Also, if you agree with the person but want to add more info, vote that person up and then comment on their answer with the added info.

Here is an example comment for Swampert: "This is the perfect chance to give an example of the comments I want. Swampert might have low Speed, however, this allows it to have two powerful moves become a great advantage. Hammer Arms Speed lowering recoil won't be too bad with low Speed to begin with, it's not as if you're crippling a Sweeper. Avalanche is also great, especially with Hammer Arm, also defeating Grass types. So as can be seen, low Speed is actually beneficial to Swampert."

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What happened to your answer?
I hid it so that we didn't have the same answer. Since you chose Charizard also and since I'm not going to be putting mine in as best answer, I decided to hide it. Good answer (I'm not just saying that because you chose Charizard.) Once I have two more different answers, I'll choose the best answer, although if any more are added after that I still will change if it is good enough.
Here it is:

1st: Charizard (and no, not just because it is my favorite Pokemon) for Sweeping.
2nd: Houndoom for Versatility and stats.
3rd: Torkoal for great defensive Pokemon.

Once again, all were great answers. My next question will be Psychic, so be prepared.

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Wow, I Know soooooo many good fire types, this is going to be tough to choose. Im Going To Summarize all the fire types that are super-strong and at the end, I will choose the one I decide on.

Houndoom: Wow, In My Platinum, I Recently Started Using This Guy, I Was Just Going To Test him out against the ice gym, but he was too powerful for me to get rid of, so I have kept him on my team, as he is now a lvl 50. He Learns Great Moves, With Great Stats. With Amazing Attack, Special Attack, and Speed(My Favorite Stats) and looking sweet, Houndoom Is A Classic. Not To Mention The 100s of great strategys he can use.

Charizard: My First Lvl 100, I Found Him Unstoppable(Even to Stealth Rock), Whenever I have used him. Amazing Movesets, he can also cover his weaknesses, as well as K'Oing Walls without a problem and Great STAB Moves. He Has Amazing Stats, and with some good ev training, he cant be beat.

Arcanine: The Highest Total Base Stat Of All Non-Legendary Fire Types, He HAD to be on this list. Amazing Moves, and Coverage of all of his weaknesses with solarbeam, hes pretty hard to defeat, as he has good defenses too. With Great Attack(And Sp. Attack), he can be an excellent sweeper.

Magmorter: He Has Almost The Best Nonlegendary Special Attack Stat, Plus Great Attack, too. When Facing him, hes hard to defeat. Add In His Great Movesets, and He Is One Tough Pokemon. AS Usual Though, His Low Defense, Gives Him A Huge Weakness against Ground and Rock, so as with all pokemon, it is possible to defeat him.

Blaziken: The Highest Base Attack Of All The Starters, and Great Sp. Attack, too, I Couldnt keep him off this list. He Can Cover Most Of His Weaknesses, with great moves to back up his stats. He Is Incredibly hard to defeat, properly ev trained, and is often used as he has a strong duel type, without a 4x weakness.

Typhlosion: The Same Awesome Stats as Charizard, and Great Moves To Back it up, Plus No 4x weakness, its hard to beat him. His Only Problem, is Overall, His Attack isnt high enough to hit down hard with physical moves, and he doesnt have the defense, to set much up. Charizard would be the same way, but being a flying type, he has enough not very effective types to set things up.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....................Who To Choose? Strong Pokemon Fire Types Are, Hard To Choose a "Best One". Ive Narrowed it down, now, to:

  Charizard(Because his awesome duel typing, moves and stats)
  Houndoom(With Only one low Stat, hes hard to defeat, with power, and speed)
  Typhlosion(Same Stats as Charizard)
  Arcanine(Good stats, including defense, for setting things up like sunny day)

  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... All Right, Ive Chosen. The Winner Is, For Its Power, and Strength, and one of the best pokemon, around, I, Swampert, Have Chosen, From My Second Favorite Type, The Best Pokemon, is................................................................................

Charizard! The Reasons? Movesets, Stats, Everything fire type pokemon are known for. He is The Classic Popular Original Fire Type, With The Legendary Power That Started in The Original Generation 1 Games. That Is Why Charizard, As Everyone Loves Him, is The BEST Fire Type Pokemon.

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I Had Alot Of Fun Researching, and answering this question. I Learned alot about the classic, the many, the amazing, fire types. Even Though It Took me a half hour to type that answer, and it was a close race, I Still had fun answering it.
A well done answer, and I'm not just saying that because my favourite Pokemon is Charizard. Fire types have always been and always will be my favourite type, ever since I got the original Sweeper, Pokemon TGC Basic Set Charizard. I have always chosen the Fire type starter to start out and I will continue to do that. Charizard is Fire type's Poster Boy (maybe along with the legendary Ho-oh.)
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Okay, no beating around the bush for me, because every Fire-type is either really good, or a terrible choice. 80% of all Fire-types are about straightforward sweeping. The Fire-type is basically composed of Special-based moves, but of course, has a couple of Physical-based moves.

Whether you're using a Fire-type for Physical or Special Attacking will make all the difference (Trust me on this one, and look at Flareon. Epic fail, Game Freak...), which is why Fire-types are such a hit-or-miss concept. Something as minor as a bad nature can completely break a Fire-type, but with the right tools, you'll have a deadly teammate.

I CANNOT BELIEVE SWAMPERT NEVER MENTIONED TORKOAL. Torkoal is a great Fire-type, and I adore it because it goes in a completely backwards direction from the original Fire-type staple: Sweeping.

Torkoal is a tough one to observe at first, because it has equal Attacking stats, a monstrous Defense Stat, a slightly below-average HP and Special Defense Stat, and a pitiful Speed Stat lower than Snorlax. However, what people never noticed about Torkoal, is that it has, quite possibly, the most perfectly complimented movepool in the game. Also, one last fun fact: Torkoal is capable of inflicting four of the five iconic status aliments: Paralysis, Poison, Bad poison, and Burn.

Gyro Ball from Torkoal is as strong as Steelix's (Because Torkoal's lower Speed and Steelix's STAB balance out), and takes care of a Rock Weakness, Will-o-Wisp can be used to make an illusion of a base 280 DEFENSE, making Torkoal the best Physical Wall in the game, even better than Shuckle.

It has Solarbeam with Sunny Day to deal with the other two Weaknesses (Duh, ever Fire-type has this), he also gets Amnesia and Iron Defense, which is great, when paired with Toxic and Rapid Spin to make a great supporter / Stall! and finally Torkoal gets Yawn to make up for that pitiful Speed. Torkoal, like Claydol, can fill many roles.

It also has several tactical moves that open up more options, like Smokescreen, Curse, Flail, Stealth Rock, Mud-Slap, Rollout, Fissure, and Skull Bash. All of these Tactical Moves can be based into a themed moveset, Which means, on average, Torkoal can utilize at least SIX different sets.

The only place where Torkoal falls short, for me, is that it cannot utilize Dual Screens, when it is clearly supposed to be a Wall / Tank. Even just having one of them would be nice, but nope, you get neither. Also, a Physical Fire-type STAB would be nice, to compliment Curse further (Since it already boosts Body Slam, walling, and Gyro Ball capabilities).

...Yeah, I think this answer was still super long, but I really like Torkoal. I caught and used one on my very first playthrough of Pokemon Ruby, back when I was 8. Loved it to death ever since. xD

Wonderful answer on one of the best fire types. I've also liked it, although for a more offensive reason back in Ruby, Heat Wave.
I agree with you. Torkoal is one of my faves as well. I personally run a set with Flame Wheel, Curse, Gyro Ball, and Stealth Rock. It works wonders. Gyrocurse is the milk and cookies of this set. After rocks of course. I like reading your answers. I enjoy reading as if you were enthusiastically saying it. It's great.
Correction: Torkoal can inflict ALL of the five status conditions(Yawn).
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Since you asked:

Charizard-Only a few weaknesses, a ground immunity keeps him safe from earthquake, he can destroy teams with his high stats, and moves to back them up. There's not much to say about him that hasn't already been said, my only advice is to use a pokemon with rapid spin on your team with him, since his Hp would be halved the second he comes in on stealth rock.

Arcanine-Hits hard and dies hard. He has extremespeed as a powerful priority move. And has flare blitz to compliment that nice attack of his. high base stats, and is surprisingly bulky making it difficult for him to take down. He is one of the 1st choices for a fire type.

Magmortar-overly powerful special attack, one of the highest of all the fire types (including legendaries) the only problem I have with him is his okay speed, it makes it hard for his special attack to really shine.

Typhlosion-My all time favorite pokemon. He's the only one of the starter fire types that has the move eruption, which is perfect for a sweeper like him. If you can set up sunny day before unleashing him, there's almost no stop. Like most fire types, he has access to solarbeam to cover his weaknesses. his main downfall is his lack of non fire attacks. I gave mine hidden power (grass) and it has a really high base power, so to me, it's more useful than solarbeam. I think typhlosion can benefit well from hidden power. But obviously, it's not the easiest move to teach and can take several tries before you get desirable results.

Blaziken-Can make an excellent mixed sweeper if you pass a few speed boosts to him.

houndoom-A beast of a fire type. high power, high speed. This guy is awesome hands down. He's also open to several different strategies and movesets.

Torkoal-an overlooked fire type. His ability can come in handy against pesky opponents, and Has eruption, heat wave, overheat, and othr powerful STAB moves. his high defense helps with most of his weakness. His speed is the only issue, especially if using eruption. Gyro ball works well with him, expecially after curse. He would be awesome if he had the dual screens like narwhals said.

Those are some of my thoughts on fire types.

Overall I'd say houndoom is the most powerful for his great sweeping abilities and versatility for the typical player. But for me, I would say Typhlosion, but that seems kind of biased, plus mine took a long time to get high base power and get grass type, making him MUCH more powerful in the competitive world. Everyone thinks that they'll just take him in one shot... then I'm ready with HP.

in short-

My personal best-Typhlosion
My reccomended-Houndoom (if you can't get high powered hidden power grass on Typhlosion)

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Hey, DT. Thanks for answering. However, can you just give one definite Pokemon that you think is the best. It is great to put all this info, but can you also put what you think is the best? Everybody who has answered these questions for the first time have made that mistake so don't worry about it. :)
I think you chose Typhlosion but I am not sure. :)
I chose houndoom for the average user, but personally, Typhlosion works the best and has saved me the most.
Okay, so Houndoom. Good answer, this is just what I wanted when I asked this question, good detailed answers. I'll choose the best answer now.
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Chandelure-best special attack of all fire types I think plus can cover weaknesses with energy ball and shadow just put speed on this and youve got one of the best sweepers you want

Charizard-good physical attacks plus flying type to get rid of the big earthquake weakness but adds a HUGE rock type weakness overall one of the best fire types you could wish for

Camerupt or Torkal-best defenses among fire types both with the ablilty to use devastating ground type and fire type moves just put hp or special defence to deal with water types

I thought trachy said one definate answer only.
This stuff is much older... Notice how this was posted nearly a year ago. The rules were a bit different then. Questions like these were okay.
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My choice is houndoom, high speed, high attack and sp.atk., decent sp.def. give it a dread plate or charcoal with dark pulse/flamethrower respectively and its hard to beat.