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I just must be able to catch it in Emerald, and pls post for before and after League. I think after league in emerald I should get Houndoom... But before?

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With good attack stat (120) and exceptional speed (80) Blaziken is the Pokemon I recommend for you.

It's moveset should go like:

Fire Punch
Sky Uppercut/ Brick Break
Thunder Punch
(what ever you think is best)

Hope I helped.



Ninetales is easier to get since I don't know your starter.

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Okay, I also knew that on first tought, but PLEASE anything but the starter.
Thanks, and my starter is Treecko because first I planned Wailord and Camerupt, but I changed my mind to Starmie and now Ninetales. Thanks.
No problem :)
What about moveset?