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For example, say I have 2 Pokemon games: Ruby and Sapphire.
I mix records with them after I have completed the game to my satisfaction (Elite Four beaten/ Battle Tower/ etc.) And they both basically have a secret base copy of each other on their own files.
What if I wanted to keep 1 of the files,(Sapphire in this instance), then restart another new file on the other (Ruby) and repeat the gaming process to the point where I can have a multitude of Secret base profiles on this one game, with each one being in a different secret base area of course, or will they overwrite each other?

(Sorry if the question is a bit vague)


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I believe I have tried this way back when with a friend. It was at least a good 6 or so, it'll be kinda sketchy.

Through regular gameplay you can't have 2 or more bases. Everyone knows that, but from my archive of over-playing my sapphire, it's possible to visit them and battle the Person's NPC, which will generate after you battle the real person. The base will last until you restart the whole game. Also when you lose to the NPC there will be no punishment; this will give you a golden opportunity to train till every Pokemon is at level 100.

There you have it. V78

I thought this was a myth, I mixed records with my boyfriend hoping to achieve this, but he wasn't able to battle with my NPC and it didn't have my name or look like me.. It just said some weird thing when you talked to them. :( And I never even succeeded in finding his base lol.