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So here is my team so far -

  • sceptile (ace)
  • camerupt
  • altaria
  • gyarados
  • grumpig

I know there is breloom but type over lap with sceptile. Any other good options that does not require trade?

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Heracross is a good mon available in the Safari Zone if you don't want type overlap, though it is rare.

Also, is it RS or Emerald?
you spell hoenn "hoenn". im like a non-official spell checker for this site:)
emerald TastyMushroom

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the fighting type that is not a starter and does not require a trade is HARIYAMA, MEDICHAM, AND HERACROSS
out of this, I believe the best one to use is hariyama

reason because I choose hariyama:
- early access for makuhita in granite cave
- pretty early evolution in level 24
- has a great attack in 120
- has an outstanding HP in 144 (fat boi:3)
- workable movepool
- have access to one of the scariest move for in-game playthrough, belly drum (you just need to use it once then heal and then sweep time for fat boi:3)
- have 2 great ability, but used occasionaly (but its still really good for fat boi:3)

moveset for hariyama:

Hariyama @leftovers/black belt/anything
nature: anything that doesnt lower your attack stat
ability: thick fat/guts
- belly drum/bulk up (i recommend belly drum, but you can use whatever you like)
- brick break
- earthquake/fake out
- strength/filler

Hope I helped!

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I'm pretty sure that Shroomish isn't a Fighting-type Pokémon.
the asker say that they doesnt want breloom because its type overlap with sceptile. and breloom is the evolution of shroomish. pls read the question carefully
and assault is right. shroomish is not a fighting type, its a pure grass type
sorry I meant Breloom (Evolved from shroomish) do have a fighting type, and it is one of the best ATK stat with 394 full IV EV. Spore Focus Punch is the main and only combo, as per suggested in SMOGON: https://www.smogon.com/dex/rs/pokemon/breloom/
And it is not considered overlap with sceptile from my opinion provided it has no good move for grass type..
I was so sorry for previous incomplete reply
@alnu729 , the asker literally says "I know there is breloom but type over lap with sceptile". if the asker doesnt want that, so we need to follow the asker spesifics. if there is no prohibition, i will put breloom, but as the question says, the asker doesnt want breloom. i hope you understand (also this is in-game, not competitive)
Breloom and Sceptile share weaknesses to flying and ice, both of which are common in the second half of the game. Having 2 grass Pokemon isn't a good idea in this game.